LTF - 780-LM19
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The Ares model is the projector body shifting up and down so as to reach the correct focusing position on the work-piece. This innovative manufacturing principle offers the advantage of higher accuracy in the X-Y worktable displacements since these are not affected by the vertical table movement, which conventionally occurs during the piece focusing on other projector models.

Standard composition includes the linear transducers and encoder as well as the new digital displays/data processor with touch screen model 780-M-Touch. The new system allows carrying out direct two co-ordinates and angular measurements in addition to main geometric functions data processor. The device is complete with the optical sensor (edge finder) for on fly measurements with diascopic projection.

ITEM   780-LM19
Projection system axis Vertical
Protractor with reticule for angular measurements with digital display, 1' resolution Ø mm 400
Metal projector body with sliding darkening hood  
Swivelling lamp-holder arm  
Diascopic projection with halogen lamp 150 W 24 V and motor fan lamp cooling  
Episcopic projection with two way fibre optics and motor fan lamp cooling  
Automatic protection against over-heating  
Automatic stand-by for lamps and digital display Model M-Touch  
Standard worktable    
·  Dimensions mm 480x380
·  Horizontal movement mm 305
·  Transverse movement mm 204
·  Vertical movement mm
·  Focussing movement mm 100
·  Helix, 1’ reading  
·  Release system for fast horizontal travel  
·  Allowed weight (approx)# kg 10
#Note. Heavier weights are permitted subject to the position of the work-piece under testing    
Measuring system for the worktable displacements and protractor screen consisting of:  
·  Linear transducers and rotating encoder    
· Digital displays/data processor model M-touch with optical sensor as per description (Further kinds of digital displays/data processor available on request)    
CNC for automatic linear table displacements complete with:  
·  Drive motors    
·  PC    
·  Software for axes processign    
Interchangeable magnification lens 10X  
Interchangeable magnification lenses 20 - 50 - 100X  
Unified optical condenser  
To improve the optical perfomance of 20-50 and 100X magnification lensens the dedicated respective optical condensers are available  
Power supply voltage 220V single phase 50Hz  
Overall dimensions (approx):    
Width mm 530
Depth mm 820
Height mm 960
Net weight (approx) kg 140
Standard colours:    
·  Projector body   grey RAL 7038
·  Lateral bands and lamp holder arm   red RAL 3000
·  Base   grey RAL 7012
• Standard    
◊ Optional    
Not applicable    

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