LTF - 780-LM80
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Microgenius is mainly aimed at the two-dimensional control of components used in the aeronautics, automotive, textile machinery, electrical- electronic, home appliances, rubber, industries, and in all those cases where a quick and accurate check is required. It is also indicated for pieces of series control.

Its modular manufacturing allows the machine to adapt its performances according to the specific user needs. This can be made by personalizing the system with choosing among the following main components:
• lenses
• condensers
• camera
• mechanical components

The operating principle consists in a standard or high definition lens also called telecentric which grants
absolute precision, along with a camera shooting piece to be tested.

After making the measurement program it will work by simply placing the piece on the worktable, the dedicated software will automatically detect the requested dimensions giving in real time the result, which will be available for any further data processing. It is possible to store “n” measurement programs so that the software can recognize immediately which kind of measuring program should be used when the piece is placed on the worktable. No manual program selection is required. Differently from the most similar equipments, Microgenius grants an uncommon and particular measuring program suitable for the specific user’s needs.

• 2D non-contact measurements
• Real-time checking
• Single button to store the data
• No sample alignment is needed
• Wide field depth
• High system flexibility and modularity
• Accessory assemble directly on the worktable
• Instrument placement directly into the production line
• No qualified staff is required for the instrument use

• Dedicated software
• Extreme ease usage
• Prompt view of the details tolerance state (GO - NOT GO function)
• Measuring programs generation from remote computer
• System assistance from remote
• Statistic program already integrated
• Choice of several kind of reports pointing out single results or the whole tests of the sample
• Data export in excel format
• Import or export files in format .dxf
• Measuring programs from .dxf format files

Measuring range mm 50x37,4 83,8x62,9 230x192
Working distance mm 159 279 500
Field depth mm 51 145 498
Optical distortion* mm up to <0,03% up to <0,03% up to <0,03%
Telecentric LED condeser or flat LED lighting   yes yes yes
5 Mp camera   yes yes yes
64 bit computer with monitor   yes yes yes
Windows operating system   yes yes yes
Dimensions mm 440x460x1280 550x600x1560 700x700x2400
Weight kg 45 80 130
* According to the selected lens

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