Mahr Metrology - LD 130/LD 260
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MarSurf LD 130 / LD 260. A step into a new dimension
Combined contour and roughness measurements in just one step comes courtesy of proven cutting edge technology from Mahr metrology. The MarSurf LD 130 and MarSurf LD 260 measuring stations have been systematically developed to draw on the experience from the first generation of equipment.
  • Roughness and contour in just one step
  • High measuring and positioning speed reduces measuring times
  • Innovative probe system removal
  • Quick and reliable probe arm exchange with simultaneous probe arm detection by magnetic bracket
  • Long measuring length up to 260 mm (MarSurf LD 260) with a measuring stroke of 13 mm (100 mm probe arm length) or 26 mm (200 mm probe arm length)
  • Modular construction for ease of maintenance

Technical Data
0.8 nm
Start of traversing length (in X)
0.1 mm
End of traversing length (in X)
130 mm
Positioning speed
0.02 mm/s to 200 mm/s
Measuring speed
0.02 mm/s to 10 mm/s;
for roughness measurements 
0.1 mm/s to 0.5 mm/s is recommended
Measuring range mm

13 mm (100 mm probe arm)
26 mm (200 mm probe arm)

Traversing lengths
0.1 mm - 130 mm
Measuring force (N)
0.5 mN to 30 mN, software adjustable

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