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Brief Introduction:
Product Name:SH Digital Push Pull Force Gauge
SH Series Digital Push Pull Force Gauge is multifunctional push pull testing instrument with high resolution. It is applied in push/pull test, insertion/withdraw test, and fracture test. More over, the product, connecting to computer to display the test force curve and test process, is efficient push pull testing equipment in a new generation.
Product Trait:
  • Peak hold time (1-10 seconds) setting.
  • Upper and lower limit setting, red/green indicator lights and buzzer alarm.
  • 10 test value storage, average calculation function.
  • Select units: N/kgf/lbf.
  • Auto-off time setting ( 1-60 minutes) without operation.
  • RS232 output,connection to software, force curve view, data saving for analysis and printing.
  • Patent number: ZL200620013022.2,ZL200610072362.7;
Note:Due to updates and improvement,products shape and color depends on specific products.Please contact us if you have any problems.
Product Spec:

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