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Brief Introduction:
Product Name:HP Torque Meter
HP Series High Impact Torque Tester is intelligent and multi-functional instrument special design for high impact testing & measuring. Testing and correcting various electric & pneumatic drivers, torque screwdriver, torque wrench, other fasteners, and parts torque fracture test. Easy operation, high accuracy, complete function and easy to carry. It is widely used in electric, light industry, machine-made industry, and scientific research, and so on.
Product Trait:
  • Test high torque speed electric and pneumatic tools;
  • Peak hold function: Catch and hold the peak value in the test, auto-release and free to set the release time;
  • Comparing function : Initial input of the tolerance limit(Max/Min)enables the device to judge the measured result as Go(Green pilot lamp)/NG(Red pilot lamp);
  • LED screen: Display torque direction, blue backlight lamp;Memory function: Memory 10 testing data, and calculate the average;
  • Units conversion: Converting three units (N.m,, automatically;
  • Automatic power off function: Power off time (1-60 minutes) can set freely by yourself;RS-232C output: RS-232C output, it can transmit the data to computer.
Note:Due to updates and improvement,products shape and color depends on specific products.Please contact us if you have any problems.
Product Spec

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