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Brief Introduction:
Product Name:STH Series Locking Force Tester
The locking force tester is especially designed for efficient force and torque of steel hexagon nut according to GB/T3098.9. It is suitable for efficient force and torque testing of steel hexagon nut and regular hexagon nut.It equips dynamic torque sensor and clamping force sensor at the same time.Every test could finish torque and clamping force once;Test software included, connection to computer for viewing;torque and force dynamic change,simplify test data analysis and improve test efficiency.
Product Trait:
  • Optimize structure design,convenient test,high-speed,accurate.
  • High-power drive device,high-efficiency,reliable and accurate test.
  • Force and torque double sensor,finish torque and clamping force once.
  • Torque and force display on,double,screen,visual and convenient.
  • Torque and force software equipped,monitoring test status.Patent design,patent number:ZL200620013022.2/ZL200610072362.7.
Note:Due to updates and improvement,products shape and color depends on specific products.Please contact us if you have any problems.
Product Spec

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