TIME7240 Vibration Tester
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Key Features 
Three channels(CH1, CH2 and REV) are available, the vibration of any two of the three directions including X axis, Y axis and Z axis can be tested.
Five measuring modes: three parameters measuring£¨AVD mode£©, dynamic time domain waveform(TIME mode), dynamic spectrum measurement£¨FFT mode£©, data sampling£¨Sample mode£©, rotation speed measurement( REV mode).
The peak value of acceleration, velocity and peak to peak value of displacement are measured.
Preset the filter’s cut-off frequency of pass band, frequency step is 100Hz.
Dynamic display the waveform in real time.
Dynamic display the vibration frequency.
Continuous data sampling for 20 seconds
With powerful data management:50 points stored, the measured data of each point is stored in files, users can review the vibration parameters, waveform, frequency data sampling and rotation speed.
Connected with printer to print out measured data, waveform and spectrum chart

Technical Specification

Sensitivity of Acceleration transducer (mVrms/g) Acceleration (m/s2) Velocity(mm/s) Displacement(μm)
1.0~9.9 1-2,000 1-2,000 10-20,000
10~99 0.2-200 0.2-200 5-2,000
Frequency range Acceleration:5Hz~10000Hz
Rotation Speed 300~60000RPM
Error ±5%
Battery Li battery(continuous working for 8hours)
Operating temperature 0¡æ~40¡æ
Humidity ≤80%RH
Dimensions(mm) 223×122×38
Weight(g) 606

Standard delivery
Main unit
Power adapter
Vibration probe TSV-03
Magnetic base
Protection Sheath for main unit
USB communication
SD Memory card(2G)
Instruction manual
TIME certificate
Warranty card

Optional accessories
Photoelectric keyphasor transducer
RS232 cable(for printing)
TPUP-NH thermal printer
Needle groupware

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