TQC Sheen - Surface Profile & Coating Thickness gauge
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The TQC Surface Profile & Coating Thickness gauge is a combination gauge. that can be equipped with two different tips, one for surface roughness and another for coating thickness.

Supplied with a sharp tungsten carbide replaceable tip for surface profile measurement, a hardened round tip for coating thickness measurement, a glass plate for zero calibration and a leather carry pouch that fits all items.



Art. No. SP1560

TQC Surface Profile and TQC Coating Thickness gauge
Complies with: ISO 2808, ASTM D4417-B, JIS K 5600-1-7, BS EN ISO 2808, BS 3900-C5, IMO MSC.215(82)
Range: 0~3,4 mm / 0~0.13 inch
Resolution: 1µm / 0.04 mil
Accuracy: ± 5µm / 0.2 mil
Optional: Calibration certificate

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