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Being the most prestigious models of this exclusive brand range, this giant profile projector features the very latest developments in the field of large size optical comparators drawing on Microtecnica very long expertise dating back to 1954 when the company became the first manufacturers worldwide to produce profile projectors with screens of 1.000 mm diam. The Maximus 1.5 model is the result of the most advanced technology combined with high performance qualities and confirm Microtecnica global leadership and esteemed reputation as innovative instrumentation providers. Several thousands of endusers operating in different industrial sectors and having common requirements of high quality and reliability are working satisfactorily with Microtecnica profile projectors all over the world and represent the best guarantee for potential new customers

Worktable group

The projection screen of respectively 1.000 mm and 1.500 mm is located at the side of the worktable group thus allowing the operator a free access to the screen.
It is mounted on a sturdy vertical slide similar to a milling machine, with preloaded roller guides allowing high accuracy even when measuring heavy workpieces up to 150/200 kgs. Powered horizontal and vertical displacements are carried out by means of recirculating ball-screws combined with DC motors having continuous speed adjustment.

The table displacements can be numerically controlled enabling automatic checking of workpieces. The CNC is provided with a “teach-in” facility which allows to memorize the measuring path and then automatically repeat it. A flexible and customized printout format can be easily issued in order to certify the performed testing and calculations. The measuring software installed on the PC allows a graphic configuration of the workpiece under testing.

Pivoting lamp/optical condenser holder arm
This facility, common on all horizontal type Microtecnica models, ensures easy positioning of heavy workpieces on the table area. Furthermore it enables the operator to complete finishing works on gauges, moulds, tools, dies, etc. directly on the worktable, thus making the workpiece removal unnecessary.

Turret lens holder
In replacement of the standard single lens holder, where bayonet type lenses are placed manually, Maximus 1.5 can be fitted with a revolving turret housing up to 4 lenses for a quick and easy lens changing operation. 

ITEM   780-LM22
Projection system axis horizontal
Vertical screen placed at the side of the measuring worktable  
Metal projector body with darkening hood  
Screen holder and frosted glass projection screen with engraved reticule at 90° and reference line at 30/60° ø mm 1500
Single lens holder  
Revolving turret with four lens seats  
Swivelling lamp-holder arm  
Diascopic projection fitted with adjustable light intensity halogen lamp and motor fan cooling  
Episcopic projection fitted with adjustable light intensity halogen 800W 220V lamp and motor fan cooling  
Episcopic projection with two way fibre optics and motor fan cooling  
Automatic protection against over-heating  
Automatic stand-by mode for lamps (only if DRO is being used)  
Standard worktable:    
• Dimensions of working area mm 800x200
• Powered horizontal movement mm 400
• Powered vertical movement mm 250
• Focussing movement (powered on request) mm +/- 25
• Helix, resolution 1'   +/- 15°
• Admitted weight (approx) kg 200
Measuring system for worktable displacements and protractor screen complete with:    
• Linear transducers and rotating encoder  
• Digital display/data processor model M-Touch with optical sensor as per description. (Further kinds of digital display/data processor on request)  
CNC for automatic linear table displacements complete with:    
• Drive motors  
• PC  
• Metrology software for measuring and inspecting components  
Interchangeable magnification lenses 10X-20X-50X-100X  
Interchangeable magnification lenses 5X and 25X  
Optical condenser for 10X and other lenses  
Further condensers specific for each lens magnification are available to optimize the image  
P4N device for turbine blade checking  
P5N-Jet device for checking blades on turbine disks and impellers  
Power supply voltage 220 V single phase 50 Hz  
Overall dimensions (approx):    
Width mm 2950
Depth mm 5200
Height mm 2620
Net weight (approx) kg 2500
Standard colours:    
• Projector body and table set   Grey RAL 7038
• Screen holder and internal darkening hood   Optical black
• Lateral bands and lamp holder arm   Red RAL 3000
Other colours upon request    
• Standard    
◊ Optional    
Not applicable    

MAXIMUS 1.5          
Magnification lenses   10X 20X 50X 100X
Projection field ø mm 150 75 30 15
A mm 141 185 125,5 116
B* mm 377 377 377 377
C mm 300 300 300 300
D mm 282 313 273 263
E mm 300 600 362 340
*B=with unified optical condenser 10-100X          
A Lens focal clearance
B Condenser clearance
C Max. work diameter, half aperture, inspected piece center-line below optical axis
D Max. work diameter, full aperture, inspected piece center-line below optical axis
E Max. work diameter, half aperture, inspected piece center-line above optical axis
Note. Data are subject to variation according to the optical path of the different models of profile projectors.

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