Why Measure Viscosity?

Why Measure Viscosity?

The right viscosity ensures that flow rate of the product when traveling through the manufacturing process; how long it takes to reach and the
time it takes to dispense the fluid into molding and packaging stage.

If toothpaste has high viscosity, too much paste will be pumped out and wasted; whille less viscosity may allow less wastage coming out from the tube. The same can be applied for tomato paste, crude oil, paint & ink, etc.

How to Measure Viscosity?

Viscosity Flow Cup

( To determine a fluid's thickness and flow resistance using gravity. )

Rotational Viscometers

( To Measure the viscosity of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluids. )

Overhead Stirrer

( Assists with stirring and mixing for lower to higher viscosity fluids. )

Magnetic Stirrer

( Produces a rotating magnetic field, so that a magnetic stir bar will automatically stir the chemical solution or liquid. )

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Published : 1-Feb-2019

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