Thick 800A Plating Thickness Analyser
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General Info

The Thick800A XRF Analyser is designed for rapid and non-destructive analysis of plating layer thickness and compositions of plating and plating solutions. Some features of the Thick 800A include:

  • Top lighting for easier measurement of samples of differing thickness.
  • Auto-height sample positioning with laser guiding.
  • Auto spot search for precise test point alignment.
  • Precision positioning sample holder.
  • Micro Collimator for improved testing accuracy.
  • Point and click by mouse test point determination.


Altitude Transducer.

Si-PIN Semiconductor Detector.

Measurement of up to 5 plating layers.

Micro collimator to improve testing accuracy.

Elements:     Na to U (more than 24 simultaneously).
Content Range:   1 ppm – 99.99%.
Repeatability:  0.1%
Long period stability: 0.1%
Dimensions:   648 x 490 x 544 mm
Sample Chamber:    517 x 352 x 150 mm


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