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Obsnap 3D700
The printer we made are of the best finest quality with excellent after-sales support including maintenance and services by our expert Engineer and Technicians. 
We selling this machine to enhance humans’ lives by developing groundbreaking high-performance 3D printer.Not only provide one-stop solution to our customers on printing needs, but also strive to add value to our clients’ business.   MY3D World strive to become the benchmark in 3D printing industry, not only in Malaysia but all across the world. Beside our pride to say that our printers are “Made in Malaysia”, our success is based on the supreme quality of products printed by our 3D printer. We are constantly working hard to serve our customers and investors with the highest level of respect and trust.
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Technology Print Head Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM).
Print Size: 400 mm(W) x 400 mm (L) x 700mm (H).
Nozzle Diameter: 0.2 – 1mm (default 0.4mm).
Nozzle Temperature: 180-260 ⁰C.
Nozzle Heated Time: Approx. 2min.
Build Plate: Heated Glass Build Plate.
Build Plate Temperature: 20 – 110 ⁰C.
Build Plate Heated Time: Approx. 5min.
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm.
Layer Resolution: 60 um (may print at higher Resolution).
Printable Material: PLA, TPU, PLA Wooden, ABS…etc.
Last Layer Resume Print (LLRP) Function When Power Failure or print job stopped
Friendly User Colour Touch Screen with USB Slot
Printing Pause Function to enable a user to change different filament
Auto bed leveling (BL Touch)
​HEPA Filter
Heated Extruder Nozzle with a cooling fan for operating in a hot environment
Filament finish alarm and system pause to alert the user for filament replacement
Automatic Filament Feeding to extruder nozzle and removal of filament residue
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