CT-F759 Desk Lock Endurance Tester
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Product features :
  • The table lock durability test instrument is simulated in daily use conditions
  • inspection lock ability to bear the long-term repeatability of the swap, flip
  • Test the durability test
  • impact test measured out times and at a specified angle loading form or frequency respectively on the measured repeated loading this test in order to improve the product
  • eliminating the potential quality problems
  • improve the durability and reliability of the product


The table lock durability tester principle

The machine to a horizontally placed the analyte in a certain height ,  to set the angle ,  velocity of repeated loading .

The instrument reference standard :  BIFMA requirements .


Main function

This instrument can be used for three kinds of model test :

The lock plug wear test

Switch lock test

The simulation of motion of the whole switch lock test

Main technical parameters

The test number :  0-999999

Test :  0-720 ° angle

Test speed :  0-60 ,  /min

Test object :  height 50-120cm of the table or cabinet lock

Design standards :  BIFMA 5 . 5

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