Nobody knows for sure the position of underground services like pipes and cables before excavation works begin. For prudent contractor, they will get ready a reliable underground pipe & cable locator to help locate the exact location of these underground pipes and cables. This is to avoid the undesired hitting of these underground pipe and cable as it involve a high cost of penalties and delay in work progress.

The site engineers Mr Mahathir and Mr Nabir were being trained to handle a UK made, leading underground pipe & cable locator that is represented by Obsnap Instruments. Both working principle and hands-on were shared by our Obsnap product specialist.

Underground Pipe & Cable Locator Practise

Mr Mahathir, Nabir & Mr Ng posed with Pipe  & Cable  Locator 

Obsnap Team in Sungai Langat Water Treatment Plant  

On Site Training for Detective of underground Pipe & Cable at Sungai Langat Water Treatment Plant 

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