Coating thickness testing is an important process for manufacturers of steel fabrication, automotive parts, electrical appliances and many others that apply some sort of coating onto the finished products. The coated thickness is going to be the critical decisive factor whether sufficient protection against corrosion has been achieved. In these tests, coating thickness on various points of a product are measured. They are then refers to the standard coating thickness necessary to ensure long term protection . The coating thickness need vary according to industries, each has respective coating material and targeted coating thickness requirement.

Obsnap's coating thickness gauge made by Elektrophysik , Germany can be used to test various coating material, such as paint, zinc, electroplating on steel or anodising coating on aluminium. Besides coating thickness measurement, it is equally important to test for the evenness of coating thickness distribution. Obsnap's coating thickness gauge by Elektrophysik equipped with statistic reporting function where it tells us the number of reading, max, min, average and standard deviation of every batch of tests. It is a perfect instrument for ease of use with many more well engineered functions like patented SIDSP technology that ensure high consistent accuracy, 180 deg. rotatable large illuminated LCD screen for easy reading and Memory of 10,000 for storage of readings taken. 

Obsnap recently delivered an Elektrophysik coating thickness gauge model:

MiniTest 730F5 to a Japan -Malaysia Joint venture company that is consulting and constructing part of Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Project. The coating thickness gauge is used to test the galvanising thickness and also the paint thickness on all steel structure. The system design engineer Mr Warashina Yoshifumi, is truly satisfied with the Germany well-designed coating thickness gauge that made to the highest standards, conforming to multiple standards of DIN, ISO & ASTM.

For more information on our diverse , please see coating thickness gauge.

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