Quality Control for Plastic Colour by  
Obsnap’s Spectrophotometer


Maintaining consistent plastic colour accuracy across the entire inspection of incoming raw materials,
in-process work and nal product, is one of the QC’s goal in the plastics industry. Color that does not meet
specications results in costly rework, longer time to market and unhappy customers.
Obsnap’s Benchtop Spectrophotometer by X-Rite, USA is the right instrument with right technologies and right
expertise that can help you color-proof your plastics workow and make color communication between you
and your customers more ecient.

Obsnap recently supplied one unit of Xrite benchtop spectrophotometer model: Ci7600 to a NYSE listed,
global chemical company. This company is specialized in manufacturing both resin for PE (Polyethylene)
and PP (Polypropylene) that subsequently supply to a large base of plastic manufacturers with end products
range from plastic containers, bottles, bags, casings, lms, and components for engineering, automotive and
The technical manager of the chemical company Ms Soong Soi Peng has bought the Obsnap’s benchtop
spectrophotometer Ci7600 to perform Color measurement that produce result in CIE L*a*b* , Delta E,
Haze ASTM D1003 procedure B as well as Yellow Index- ASTM E313-00.
She further added that Obsnap’s Ci7600 by x-rite is slimmer, very user friendly software, oer more
measurement aperture sizes to cater for various type of samples. It also has well thought-out hardware
design e.g. internal storage compartment for calibration tiles and aperture plates, easy to access of
measurement functions located at the front panel that also display vital instrument’s status during
calibration and measurement.

Obsnap is pleased to contribute to upholding the highest                  The x-rite Ci7600 control Panel        
standards in plastic colour control, making sure that
Quality is FREE, provided it is done right the rst time.

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