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The TOP viscosimeter from serie V, which has a smart and modern design, and a vanguardian technology that offers to the users some uniques and innovative options. The viscosimeter V-Compact, is controlled by a intuitive mobile application from an 8 Tablet. One of the most innovative featurings of this product is the posibility to exhange headboards. With this system, the user can work in the range of viscosities without needing to change his viscosimeter. The headboard is changed in a fast and simple way, transforming its equipment to L, R or H, depending on the products that it has to measure. It includes the PPR system which connects with the spindles in a fast and easy way, as well as the Heldal movement, to work on low flowing products.

Main Features

Selected speed rpm
Selected spindle SP
Viscosity reading P, cP, mPa·s, Pa·s, cSt, St, mm2/s
Percentatge of full scale %
Sample temperature ºC or ºF
Shear Rate (with coaxial spindles, and L2C + L3C) SR (s-1)
Shear Stress with coaxial spindles, and L2C + L3C SS N/m2, Pa
Density (introduced by the user) g/cm3, Kg/m3
Dynamic viscosity cP or mPa·s
Kinematics viscosity cSt
Units Converter from SI to CGS
Create and edit multiple programs
Store programs for later use
Choose between Time to Torque (TTT), Time to Stop (TTS), Step and Ramp
Store the experiment results realized in one complete database
Users are able to analyse and review the data saved for future samples
Users can access to the settings of the programme for each experiment
Create a customizated speed list between 0,01 to 250 r.p.m.
Activate/desactivate control quality (QCL) with “out of range

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