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MiniTest 7400 FH: A high-end device for wall thickness measurement


Product Introduction

Professional, high-end wall thickness measuring device for non-destructive measurement up to 24mm. The MiniTest 7400 FH allows you to comfortably measure the thickness of non-magnetic materials such as glass, synthetic material, stainless steel and composites. Components with complex geometries can also be measured with ease.

An SIDSP sensor means the MiniTest 7400 FH provides high-precision measurement and reproducibility while compensating for the influence of temperatures in the measuring environment and in the object being measured. Sensors are equipped with carbide tips making them particularly durable.

The MiniTest 7400 FH functions as follows: Thickness is determined by measuring the distance of a reference ball to the sensor tip. The reference ball is attracted by a powerful magnet positioned directly behind the sensor tip. The steel reference balls are treated according to a specialised ElektroPhysik procedure which allows reproducibility of test results of up to 0.5%.

A graphic display and common PC functions (context-specific help, saving of readings in a folder structure, navigating via menus displaying symbols and text) makes the MiniTest 7400 FH extremely easy to use. A user guide is available in 6 languages (German/English/Spanish/French/Italian/Portuguese).




  • Precision in wall thickness measurement of up to 24 mm
  • Greater accuracy and repeatability by the sensor-integrated digital signal processing (SIDSP®)
  • High resolution upwards of 0.1 µm
  • 20 readings per second
  • Wear-resistant sensors with hardened sensor tips
  • Recording and statistical evaluation of up to 240,000 readings
  • Display of minimum and maximum values
  • Menu-driven operator interface
  • Context-oriented online help
  • RS 232 TTL and IrDa 1.0 interfaces



Non-destructive wall thickness measurement of:

  • Non-magnetic materials like synthetic materials, glass, ceramic, non-ferrous metals…
  • All kinds of hollow items like bottles, aluminium cans, glass and plastic containers with complex geometries…
  • Thermo-moulded parts like cups, cans, bowls…
  • Die-cast and moulded plastic parts, fibre compound materials, non-ferrous metals etc., for e.g. in the automotive field (gear casing, body and interior components), in avionics (turbine components, combustion chambers, high-pressure pipes), in the medical field…

Standard Delivery Schedule

  • Device MiniTest 7200FH or 7400FH
  • Data transfer software MSoft 7 Professional Edition
  • Operating instructions in German / English / French / Spanish / Portuguese and Italian on CD Rom
  • Short operating instructions
  • 4 AA batteries, type LR06
  • Plastic carrying case
  • Protective rubber casing with positioning device and carry strap
  • 1 magnetic screwdriver

Technical Specification


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