8010 Series
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The FW Bell 8010 Single Channel Gauss/Tesla Meter leads the way for advanced Hall Effect magnetic measuring technology. The easy-to-use front panel programming feature incorporates the latest in user control operations. And the 8010 is capable of measuring and displaying seven different parameters, including flux density, frequency, temperature, min, max, peak and valley.

This high accuracy instrument is fully equipped to meet most magnetic measuring applications. Bell's dynamic probe correcting software increases the 8010 measurement capabilities to make it the most versatile magnetic measuring tool in the world.


  • TFT Color LCD Display with Backlighting
  • WVGA, 600 x 480 pixels
  • Over 40 standard probes available
  • Automatic probe coefficient correction
  • Displays in Gauss, Tesla, amp/meter or Oe
  • Relative mode
  • Fully menu-driven for easy operation
  • Auto zero and auto calibration
  • IEEE-488, RS-232, Ethernet RJ-45 and USB interface
  • CE-compliant
  • Manufactured to IS0 9000 standards


*Low field probe
† High field probe
300mG (30μT)*   3kG(300mT)
3G (300μT)*         30kG (3T)
30G (3mT)            300kG(30T)†
300G (3OmT)
Resolution 1 μG (0.1nT) to 1G (0.1mT) {Dependent on Probe Type Used}
Accuracy (Displayed reading) DC basic
AC basic
±0.05% of reading
±2% of reading
Frequency range DC mode
AC mode
dc to 250Hz
20Hz to 50kHz
Accuracy (Corrected analog output) DC basic
AC basic
Frequency range
±0.1% of range
±2% of range
dc to 500Hz
Frequency range (Uncorrected analog output) DC mode
AC mode
dc to 100Hz
10Hz to 50kHz
Analog output Output voltage
Source impedance

±3V FS. or ±10V F.S. or adjustable from 0.1 – 9.9V

<100 ohms

Standard female BNC
Additional influences Temperature coefficient ±(0.02% of reading ±1 count)/°C
Temperature range Operating
0°C to +50°C
-20°C to +60°C
Front panel display WVGA, 600 x 480 pixels, TFT Color LCD Display with Backlighting. (6.5" diagonal viewing area)
Communication ports RS-232
Baud rate
Standard 9-pin female "D" connector 300,1200,2400,4800,9600,19200,38400, 57600,115200 bits/sec
Standard 24-pin GPIB connector Protocol IEEE-1987.2 and SCPI-1999
IEEE-802.3u Data Link Layer & TCP/IP Transport & Network Layer
Standard RJ-45 connector
Version 1.1 full speed
Power Volts: 100/120 or 220/240
Frequency: 50-60 Hz or 50-60 Hz
Current: 1.O A (max) or 0.5 A (max)

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