DC/AC Clamp Meter Prova-1200
DC/AC Clamp Meter Prova-1200 Power Clamp Meter Electrical Inspection Malaysia, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL) Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Obsnap Instruments Sdn Bhd
Product Features
  • Accurate DC/AC digital clamp meter for current measurement.
  • 1200A AC/DC current measurement
  • One touch zero for DCA adjustment.
  • 23mm diameter jaw.
  • Integrated current probe for waveform observation or recording
  • Large 3 3/4 digits LCD
  • Fast bargraph display (30 times/sec.) for transient observation.
  • Max/Min and Data Hold functions.
  • Easy single rotary switch for any function selection.
  • Ideal for works in crowded switch box or cable areas.

DC Current:

Range Resolution Accuracy Overload Protection
0-400A 0.1A ±2.0%±3dgts DC 600A
0-1200A 1A ±2.0%±3dgts DC 2000A
 AC Current:
    Accuracy Overload Protection
Range Resolution 50/60 Hz  
0-400A 0.1A ±2.0%±3dgts AC 600A
0-1200A 1A ±2.0%±3dgts AC 2000A
Output at the Terminals:
Range Output Accuracy
DCA 0-400A DC 1mV/A ±2.0%±0.3A
DCA 0-1200A DC 0.1mV/A ±2.0%±0.3A
ACA 0-400A AC 1mV/A ±2.0%±0.3A(50/60Hz)
ACA 0-1200A AC 0.1mV/A ±2.0%±3A(50/60Hz)

General Specifications:

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