Bench Hardness Tester - Rockwell - TH722 Universal Hardness Tester
Bench Hardness Tester - Rockwell - TH722 Universal Hardness Tester Destructive Testing System - Hardness Tester Material Testing Malaysia, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL) Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Obsnap Instruments Sdn Bhd
Suitable for testing the hardness of ferrous, non-ferrous metals, hard metals, carburized layers and chemical treating layers Multiple testing method: Brinell & Rockwell & Vickers
Different kinds of testing force and indenter can be selected
Adopt test transformation framework and optical measuring instruction system
Euipped with indentation measuring device

Standard Delivery
Diamond Rockwell indenter
Diamond Vickers indenter
1.5875mm ball indenter
2.5mm ball indenter
5mm ball indenter
Testing table (Big, Small, "V")
Standard Rockwell hardness block (55-65HRC)
Standard Rockwell hardness block(25-35HRC)
Standard Rockwell hardness block(HRB)
Standard Brinell Hardness block
Standard Vickers Hardness block
Weight 1
Weight 2
Weight 3
Weight 4
Weight 0#
15x Micrometer eyepiece
Power cord
Lamp 6V,21CP
Lamp 6V,15W
Baffle testing table
Inner lamp head
Instruction manual
TIME Certificate
Warranty card

Technical Specifications

Pre- test force(N) 98
Rockwell test force(N) 588,980,1471
Brinell test force (N) 306,613,1839
Vickers test force(N) 294,588,980
Magnification of microscope 37.5x,75x
Max. height of specimens(mm) 180
Distance from Indenter's center to Outer Wall(mm) 200
Machine Size(DxWxH)(mm) 560x260x760
Power supply AC220V/50Hz
Weight(kg) 90

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