Portable Hardness Tester - TIME5310 Portable Hardness Tester
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Measuring range(170-960HLD)




Leeb hardness measuring principle
7 kinds of impact device can be equipped , when replace , there is no need to recalibration
Identify the impact device automatically
New design, mini thermal printer (hidden design)
Can print any number of measurement
2.5 inch  color TFT LCD screen, 240 x 320 dot matrix, 262K color display, with LED backlight
Backlight adjustable
Menu operation
The main display screen can display time, information for storage, battery, electronic column, type of impact device and help etc.
6 hardness scale: HL, HV, HB, HRC, HRB, HS and tensile strength implement one measurement
Can store 1000 groups of data including single measurement, average value, date, impact direction, measuring times, material and hardness scales
Can preset the upper and lower limit, when the measured value exceeds the limit setting, it will give alarm, especially suitable for batch testing
Dataview calibration
When D/DC impact device is integrated to test the steel, can read HB value directly
Built in conversion table
Built in rechargeable Li battery, no memory , battery life is long
Data can be transferred to PC via USB
Data can be transferred to PC in word and excel format
Automatically switch off if no operation in 5 minutes

Technical specification

Measuring range 170-960HLD
Tolerance and repeatability tolerance: ±6HLD (790±40HLD)
repeatability: 6HLD (790±40HLD)
Measuring direction 360 º
Hardness scale HL, HB, HRB, HRC, HV, HS
Display 2.5 inch TFT LCD screen, 240 x 320 dot matrix, 262K color display
Data storage 1000 groups of data
Upper and lower limits setting 170-960HLD
Working voltage 3.7V
Charging time 6 hours
Power 12V/500mA
Continuous working time 20 hours
Interface USB2.0

Standard delivery
Main unit
Impact device type D
Test block HLD
Small support ring
Thermal printer paper
TIME certificate
Warranty card
Hardness tester manual

Optional accessory
Impact device: DC, D+15, C, G, E, DL
Support rings

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