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This is the magnetic particle testing system which can test the various shaped parts either automatically or manually.
The magnetizing method can be selected depending on the target to be tested. As it has many functions ranging from dispersion of magnetic particles to the demagnetization, it can provide the optimal testing.
Any kind of model including the basic mode can be ordered depending on the conditions of parts to be tested and the fields.
It can be used for inspecting the crankshaft of ship and bus, checking the parts of rolling stock, and testing the parts of heavy equipment and aircraft and other parts.


• Contact type coil magnetizing device
• Rotating work support
• Magnetic particle tank and spraying device




3Φ 380V, 90KVA

Distance of Axial Current

600mm ~ 1,800mm

Inner Coil


UV Lamp

220V 400W 2set UV 10,000/

Demagnetzing power

30,000Ampere Turn

Magnetic Particle Injection system

100L Magnetic Particle Tank and Electirc Agitator Spray Type



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