Xrite - Non-Contact Spectrophotometer - VeriColor Solo
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VeriColor solo allows you to take control of assembly and sorting line color quality. This powerful automated color identification tool provides non-contact measurement and consistent reporting. Easy to set up, the system works on a wide range of materials and int he harshest production environments.

Product Features:
  • Full-spectrum illumination system detects subtle differences on varying surfaces, ensuring accurate color identification
  • Non-contact operation eliminates risk of damage and waste
  • Unaffected by ambient light—repeatable, accurate measurements are produced under all types of production lighting conditions
  • The system stores information on up to 30 active colors at once, eliminating the need for constant reprogramming
  • Able to distinguish thousands of colors, the system enables users to verify across an entire product palette
  • Designed to tolerate heat, cold, humidity, shock, and typical industrial contaminants
  • Visual tolerancing—overviews presented in quick-to-read graphs
  •  Intuitive color graphs enhance determination of differences
  •  Log-file access means it’s easy to view and maintain data functionality
  •  Standard measurement history makes easy adjustments possible after initial setup
  •  Easy set-up—choice of standard communication and interface options simplify programming

Short Term Repeatability - White 0.1 dLED
Measurement Geometry 30°/0°
Measurement Time 250ms
Measurement Working Distance 35mm
Spectral Interval n.a.
Spectral Range n.a.

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