Xrite - Non-Contact Spectrophotometer - VeriColor System
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VeriColor is a complete system that features a programmable hub to interface with up to six sensors. This automated online quality control system provides non-contact measurement and continuous reporting. Easy to operate, the system works on virtually any material and in the harshest production environments, offering comparisons to specific standards or absolute measurements.
  • Full-spectrum illumination system detects subtle differences on varying surfaces, ensuring accurate color identification.
  • Non-contact operation eliminates risk of damage and waste.
  • Repeatable, accurate measurements are produced under all types of production lighting conditions.
  • The system stores information on up to 50 active colors at once, eliminating the need for constant reprogramming.
  • Operates in dusty environments and operations that require explosion-proof protection.
  • Online color measurement and evaluation of color deviation allows complete coverage of product run without stopping production
  • Works with network connection or serial interface to support a network of computers and provide automatic control of all operations, including calibration.
  • Measures a full range of materials, such as textured, finely patterned, gloss and for products such as vinyl, textiles, food pigments, films, glass, and powders.
  • Measures within a range of up to five feet without significant variation from system to sample.
  • Complete documentation of color quality recorded and stored for later evaluation.
  • Objective evaluation according to accepted international standards ensures integrity of online measurement program.

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