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SONOBOX Immersion ultrasonic transducer (vibration box)
Wide frequency, combined with rugged construction and flexibility of connection options to improve application efficiency.

* Shell using a special steel alloy to extend the service life
* Full use of piezoelectric vibrator optimal sound field effect
* Standard rate: 28,40,80 to 175Khz, other frequencies can be customized.
* Multi-frequency oscillator 40,80,120Khz

Many applications have the slot size and application or standard or special size requirements, vibration box is new equipment and old equipment improved the best solution, with five standard and custom frequency oscillator can be applied quite wide range of areas, such as water-based cleaning, degreasing, plating, electronics, PCB technology, optical and maintenance. Need to work for the application of multi-frequency, shock waves can also be produced 40,80,120 Khz multi-frequency shock box.

For individual applications, shock wave vibration can be flexible to adjust to the box at the bottom of trough or tank wall. Partition directly and accurately by the sound of incoming liquid. Shock wave produced by high-quality oscillator, using piezoelectric technology to ensure maximum sound field, thereby reducing processing time.

Reliable operation
Shock wave oscillator box welded using a special technology, 100% sealed. Packaged in a flexible stainless steel wire hose. Useful bolt above the liquid high-frequency cable shield. Vibration boxes and maximum distance between the power supply is 20m.

Poduce as your demand£ºFor example,SUS316L/3mm

Stainless teflon hose 2.0M
Extend with stainless steel tube straight, fixed elbow stainless hose or bolts trough bottom or wall.

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