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The CarFlash System non-contact multi-angle spectrophotometer ensures the complete integrity of color quality control throughout the production process with this automated solution for collecting colorimetric data on special effects coatings. By integrating this unit with an industrial robot, color quality can be controlled and managed earlier in the production process and with greater repeatability and efficiency.
Product Features:
  • Resolves Key Compliance Issues. Provides for 100% sampling to improve quality and overall process integrity
  • Non-Destructive. Non-contact operation eliminates risk of damage and waste
  • Fully Automated. No need for additional resources
  • Integrates In LIne. Works in combination with industrial robot (6 axis)
  • Full Part Coverage. Multiple angles of measurement, from 15º to 75º performed simultaneously to ensure complete part evaluation
  • Collects Essential Data. In addition to colormetric information, system includes non-contact, orange peel detection and surface temperature data with each measurement
​In addition to colorimetric data, CarFlash collects surface temperature data with each measurement. It is also useful in detecting the Orange Peel effect, a defect in paint layering that occurs when paint dries too quickly or has surface bond problems that result in abnormalities in the surface layer.

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