Shore Durometer - TIME5420
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TIME5420 Shore Durometer

Test scale available(Shore A)

Measuring range(0-100HA)

Display resolution(0.1HA)

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Product Introduction
TIME5420 is a digital Shore A hardness tester. It has the advantage of precise measurement, being easy to operate, being convenient to carry, attractive appearance and so on. It is a digital durometer for hardness testing of soft rubber, plastics and such substances.
Pocketsize model with integrated probe
Standards: DIN 53505, ASTM D 2240, ISO 7619, JIS K7215
RS232 data output
Operating stand optional
Bright & clear LCD display
Automatically swithch off
Battery low indication and alarm
Automatic calibration and user calibration
Technical Specification

Test scale available Shore A
Standards DIN53505, ASTMD2240, ISO 7619, JIS K7215
Display Hardness result, Average value, Max. valu(Peak value lock), Battery indication
Data output RS232
Measuring range 0-100HA
Tolearance ±1HA
Display resolution 0.1 HA
Operating temperature 0~40 íŠ
Power supply Built in 3.7V rechargeable battery
Battery life 300 Hours
Dimensions 173mm× 56mm×42mm

Standard Delivery
Main unit
Power adapter
TIME certificate
Instruction manual
Warranty card
Optional Accessories
RS232 communication cable  
Operation stand TIME5420FJ  
Industry application
a)  Rubber industry:
TIME5420 can be used to test the hardness of sealing parts, tyres, rubber plates/bands, rubber bars, electric wire, absorbers and so on.
b)  Plastic industry:
TIME5420 is always used to test the hardness of thin film, medical apparatus and so on.
c)  Others:
TIME5420 is always used as a teaching and scientific research instrument, it is a good instrument to analyze rubber, plastic material and do experiment research.

We provide 12-month warranty on the main unit.

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