Mechanical Vibration Test System
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Mechanical vibration test machine simulates the transport vibration test and is suitable for electronic and electrical products, parts and components. In vibration testing, the vibration environment to which product will be exposed to in real condition is reproduced. Product is tested in vibration environment to judge its durability or check for improvements. The vibration test is in line with GB UL, IEC specification.
Important Features and Benefits
  • Using non-mechanical contact with centrifuge vibration method lead to low noise operation
  • A good vibration absorber that does not required fixed foundation
  • Machine with locking wheel for easy mobility
  • Built-in vibration forecast program which is very simple and user friendly
  • Control parameter is simultaneous with real time result
  • Microsoft Window operating system
  • Direct adjustment of vibration frequency enable to complies to more testing requirements
  • Using latest high speed electronic technology and closed loop control, this will improve the accuracy
  • Simultaneously 4 points vibration allow the magnitude of vibration is even on the vibration platform
  • With printing function
  • Automatic saving of testing result
  • Testing curve can be display
  • Multiple testing profiles can be easily selected
  • Menu-driven with direct key-in system that promotes simple and easy operation
  • Built-in auto testing program that improve safety protection of the machine
  • Complies to national and international standard: IEC 60068
Technical Specification
Spec \ Model MRV3000 MRV8000 MRVH480 MRVH3T
6000N 12000N 6000N 80000N
5 - 100 10 - 60 10 - 60 10 - 60
0 - 3 0 - 2.5 0 - 2.5 0 - 2
0 - 11G (peak) 0 - 11G (peak) 0 - 11G (peak) 0 - 11G (peak)
130 300 150 500
600 x 500mm 1000 x 800mm 800 x 600mm 1600 x 1200mm
IBM PC, Serial port, RS 232, USB port
Random, Sine and Shock
Positive Wave
Closed loop
Vertical Vertical +Horizontal
700(W) x 530(D) x 690(H)mm 1000(W) x 800(D) x 643(H)mm 1000(W) x 600(D) x 590(H)mm 1650(W) x 1250(D) x 700(H) mm
250 450 360 1500

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