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The PURIST® Ultrapure Water System produces ultrapure water from EDI, reverse osmosis (RO), distilled or deionized water.
  • Automatic system recirculation every hour to prevent bacteria from growing inside the system
  • A dual UV lamp to kill bacteria and reduce organics to trace level
  • Volumetric dispensing and calibration
  • Alarm and maintenance info on a large color LCD monitor
  • Adaptable to various final filters. (e.g., final filters for HPLC or to remove RNAse/ Endotoxins)
  • Real-time Resistivity measurement by a high-precision resistivity meter with temperature compensation (conductivity cell constant 0.01cm-1)
  • Small compact footprint that occupies minimal space in your lab
  • Ergonomically designed to ensure a simple installation, operation and easy maintenance
  • Manufacturing plant is ISO9001:2008 certified
Main Applications:
  • Preparation/dilution of HPLC mobile phases, blanks, sample and buffers in GC, HPLC, AA, ICP-MS and other advanced analytical techniques.
  • Preparation of media for mammalian cell culture, IVF, reagents for molecular biology applications.

Feed Water Quality
Feed Water Type Reverse Osmosis (RO) water
Distilled water
Deionized or EDI water
Operating Temperature 5¡«45 °C
Feed Water Pressure 0-15 psi (0-1 bar)
Product Water Flow Rate 1.0 - 1.5 L/min at 25°C
Product Water Quality
Resistivity 18.2 MΩ•cm at 25°C
TOC <10 ppb (<5ppb with a dual wavelength UV lamp)
Particle (>0.2 µm) No particles (with a 0.2 µm final filter)
Microorganisms <0.01 cfu/ml £¨with a 0.2 µm final filter£©
Pyrogens (endotoxins) <0.001Eu/ml (with a terminal ultrafiltration cartridge)
Length x Depth x Height 21 cm× 36cm×44 cm
Net Weight (Operating Weight) 6.0 kg (10.5 kg)

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