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Purpose and Technical Indicators
The PL6 handsheet former manufactured by our company is applicable to research and experiments in papermaking research institutes and paper mills.It copies pulp into a sample sheet, then puts the sample sheet on the water extract or for drying and then carries out the inspection of the physical intensity of the sample sheet to appraise the performance of the raw material of pulp and beating process specifications. Its technical indicators conform to China’s specified standard for papermaking physical inspection equipment. Vacuum-pumping is used for heating and drying in the drying part; the higher the degree of vacuum is, the drying speed is faster; the heating element has a long service life and is easier to replace for use of a heating plate; the temperature control system uses intelligent PID control, has functions of short circuit, wire break and over-temperature alarm and high precision in measurement and control and is safety and reliable; The vacuum system uses electromagnetic control, the machine is equipped with an oil return prevention system by which to avoid oil return caused by shutdown. The machine is easy to operate and convenient to use. The handsheet former makes pulp into sample sheets with a diameter of no more than φ200 and then dries the sample sheets by vacuum heating.

Product features
  • All valves used in the product are electrically controlled;
  • The product is equipped with the most advanced oil return prevention device in China by which shutdown of the vacuum pump or oil return of the vacuum system for sudden power failure are eradicated.

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